The Barrier Magnetic Separator "Turkenich" for dry Treatment of weak magnetic Ores
The Roll Separator "Turkenich" with Nd-Fe-B Magnetic Circuit
The Drum Magnetic Separator with Strong Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets
Drum High-tension Separator
Separated Materials
Upgrading of quartz sand for the production of glass and porcelain
Upgrading of pegmatite for the production of glass and porcelain
Benefication of Garnet
Benefication of Heavy Minerals
Benefication of Glauconite
Benefication of Bauxite

About Company

The science production official company
"Magnetic and Hydraulics Technologies" (MHT)

The science production company "Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies" (MHT) has been founded in 1992 in the city Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).

Our company is engaged in research, production and delivery of technologies and separators for magnetic and gravity beneficiation of various useful minerals. The equipment, which is supplied by MHT, has patent protections, is reliable in work and has high technological efficiency.

Stage 1. Engineering.

Consultation of our specialists about the matter our roll of magnetic separator.

Visits to our clients plants, monitoring the condition of exploitation of equipments.

A study on the dressability of the raw material for our clients in our laboratory. It will determine possible technological results and throughput capacity of the separators.

Adjustment to our equipment in accordance with specifies of the technological process of the specific beneficiation plant of the customer.

Stage 2. Production.

Manufacturing of the magnetic separators. Complete equipment.

Stage 3. Guaranty and service.