The Barrier Magnetic Separator "Turkenich" for dry Treatment of weak magnetic Ores
The Roll Separator "Turkenich" with Nd-Fe-B Magnetic Circuit
The Drum Magnetic Separator with Strong Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets
Drum High-tension Separator
Separated Materials
Upgrading of quartz sand for the production of glass and porcelain
Upgrading of pegmatite for the production of glass and porcelain
Benefication of Garnet
Benefication of Heavy Minerals
Benefication of Glauconite
Benefication of Bauxite

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The science production company
"Magnetic and Hydraulics Technologies"

Belgorodskaya st. 10, Dnepropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: +3 8(056) 376 51 16

Scientific leader of "MHT":
Turkenich Alexander M.,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the National Mining University of the Ukraine.

Tel: 8 067 731 1613

Director of the "MHT":
Ruditskiy Arthur W.

Tel: 8 067 731 1613