The Barrier Magnetic Separator "Turkenich" for dry Treatment of weak magnetic Ores
The Roll Separator "Turkenich" with Nd-Fe-B Magnetic Circuit
The Drum Magnetic Separator with Strong Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets
Drum High-tension Separator
Separated Materials
Upgrading of quartz sand for the production of glass and porcelain
Upgrading of pegmatite for the production of glass and porcelain
Benefication of Garnet
Benefication of Heavy Minerals
Benefication of Glauconite
Benefication of Bauxite


"A novel method for improvement of quality of a magnetite concentrate."

"... Insufficient quality of magnetite concentrates is a common problem in many Ukrainian beneficiation plants. Low-intensity drum magnetic separators that are employed at all stages of the process, including the final enrichment stage, are not suitable for improvement of the grade of the concentrate..."

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"A continuous barrier magnetic separator for the treatment of weakly magnetic ores."

"... A serious disadvantage of induced electromagnetic roll separators used for beneficiation of weakly magnetic ores is the need for frequent maintenance of drives and bearings. In addition, power consumption of the roll drives used in the Ukraine and Russia is often greater than that of the magnetic circuits of these separators..."

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