Engineering Services


  • Laboratory studies on the concentration of ores:
manganese, titanium-zirconium, chromium, copper, copper-nickel, magnetite, siderite, martite, antimony, tin-tungsten, tantalum-niobium and others;
  • Laboratory studies on dressability of non-metallic materials:
glass sands, garnets, feldspars, dolomites, wollastonites, pegmatites and others;
  • Expert assessment of processing plants of existing and planned enterprises;
  • Development of enrichment technologies;
  • Development of a circuit of apparatuses in accordance with accepted technology;
  • Place-specific equipment layout.

Development and production:

  • Magnetic separators,
  • Electrostatic separators,
  • Centrifugal crushers
  • Vibrating dryers
  • Custom equipment.
  • Complex enrichment lines,
  • Manufacture of original equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and training of service personnel.
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.
  • Technological audit or expert evaluation of technological indicators of enrichment of designed and operating enrichment enterprises.

To obtain high technological indicators of enrichment, all manufactured equipment is adapted to the enriched material and customer requirements.