Roller magnetic separators Nd-Fe-B

Roller magnetic separators Nd-Fe-B

High-gradient roller magnetic separator “Turkenich” with ND-FE-B magnets


High-intensity cleaning of granular materials from weakly magnetic inclusions, such as: zircon, ultrapure (solar) quartz, glass quartz sands, pegmatite, wollastonite, feldspar, abrasives and others.

Design Features:

The enriched material is fed to the open surface of the magnetic roller of the separator. The separation is carried out directly on the surface of the roller, where the induction of the magnetic field reaches 1.9 – 2.2 T.

Benefits of using:

  • Low cost of maintenance, repair and spare parts;
  • Sustainable technology performance;
  • Low power consumption;

High-gradient roller magnetic separator Turkenich

on strong magnets Nd-Fe-B has a modular design. It consists of a scalping module of a drum magnetic separator and one or more modules of magnetic rollers located below it. The drum separator is designed to remove grains with increased magnetic susceptibility from the source power.

Magnetic induction on the surface of the drum 0.4 T. Depending on the properties of the material being enriched and the quality requirements of the concentrate, the induction on the surface of the rollers of each subsequent module changes from a smaller value to a larger one and reaches 1.9 – 2.1 T. On rollers, weakly magnetic grains are removed from the enriched material.

Size of material to be separated, mm 2 – 0,063
Humidity of the material to be separated,% 0.5
Number of separation tiers 2 – 3
Material temperature – max. oC 120
Initial power performance up to t / h. 4
Three-phase power supply, V. 380
Max. consumed electric power – no more, kW. 3
Length of the working area of ​​the roller, mm 670; 1000
Number of fission products 2
Magnetic field strength on the working surface T. 2.0 +/- 5%
Service life, years. 15
Total weight of the separator, kg. 600