Drying equipment

Vibrating dryers


For continuous drying at atmospheric pressure of lumpy, granular and bulk materials:

  • quartz sands
  • titanium-zirconium sands,
  • pegmatite,
  • wollastonite,
  • feldspar and others.


The material is fed to a non-dip grate, blown from under the grate with hot coolant, transported along the entire drying under the action of vibration.

Drying units with a capacity of 5 t/h are produced; 10 t/h; 20 – 40t/h.


High effect of heat transfer from gas to material due to intensive mixing and ideally developed heat exchange surface. Provides the best thermal efficiency of the process compared to other dryers. Vibration provides not only a reduction in the resistance of gas blowing through the material, but also the transportation of the material in the least energy-intensive way. Low power consumption. Fuel economy compared to other types of dryers – up to 40%.
(м 3 )

Productivity t/h 20
Type of fuel Diesel, LPG, natural gas
Gas consumption during drying of 1 ton of sand with an initial moisture content of 5%, kg 5,4
Total installed power, kW 14,0
Initial moisture content of the material, % 10,0-14,0
Moisture content of dried material, % 0,1-0,5
Dimensions, mm 8000 х 3800 х 1800
Total weight, kg. 5200