Drum magnetic separators Nd-Fe-B

Drum magnetic separators Nd-Fe-B

Drum-type magnetic separators – “PBS” with a magnetic system based on permanent magnets Nd-Fe-B


PBS drum-type magnetic separator is designed for dry separation of initial ore into magnetic and non-magnetic products.

  • Removal of inclusions with increased magnetic susceptibility of various materials: quartz sand, pegmatite, glauconite, zircon and others;
  • Enrichment of ores with increased magnetic susceptibility: mineral sands, manganese, garnet and other ores;


Enriched material is fed to the shell of the drum, rotating around the fixed magnetic system, which creates a powerful magnetic field in the working area of the separator. Magnetically susceptible inclusions located in the material flow are attracted to the magnetic system under the influence of a magnetic field and are held on the surface of the shell. The retained inclusions are released when they move outside the magnetic field.
Drum-type magnetic separator – “PBS” is manufactured in single-tier, two-tier and three-tier versions.

Number of separation steps (drums) 2
Type of magnets of magnetic system Nd-Fe-B
Induction on the working surface of the shell, Tl. 0,5-0,6
Working area length mm. 1000
Drum diameter mm. 300
Drum speed rpm 40 – 120
Particle size of enriched material, mm 0,045 – 3,0
Productivity by initial feed, t/h до 8
Rated control circuit voltage, V 380/220
Supply voltage three-phase, 50 Hz, V 380
The degree of protection of the shell in accordance with GOST 14254-80 IP 44
Type of climatic version according to GOST 15150-69 У3
Rated drum drive power, kW 1,5
Total max. power consumption, kW 3
The total weight of the separator, no more than, kg 800